Kyle Prifogle

Enterpreneur, Software Engineer, Musician, Outdoorsman


About Kyle

Greetings! I am a tech entrepreneur and senior big data architect that believes good software at its heart should be simple, powerful and blend seamlessly into our lives, rather than constantly demand our attention.

I am a former mathematician that is two parts data engineer and one part data scientist. I architect complex low latency data intensive systems using Hadoop and Apache software such as Kubernetes, Spark, Cassandra, Kafka and Akka. I embrace type driven languages like Scala and specialize in operationalizing complex data science and research driven systems, but also am an advocate of using the right tool for the right job so am wiling to use any language or framework that suits the occasion, including Rust, Ruby, Python, Go, or Elixir. I also enjoy technology team management, elements of product development and technology strategy. Here is a list of principles that guide how I approach software:

Here are other emerging engineering topics and technologies that I am specialize in or have an active interest in: GraphQL, Elixir/Pheonix, React, HTTP 2.0, JSON Schema, Open API