Kyle Prifogle

Enterpreneur, Software Engineer, Musician, Outdoorsman


About Kyle

Greetings! I am a tech entrepreneur and senior software engineer that believes good software at its heart should be simple, powerful and blend seamlessly into our lives, rather than constantly demand our attention.

I have expertise in big data engineering and architecture using Hadoop and Apache software such as Mesos, Spark, Cassandra, Kafka and Akka. I have extensive experience in Ruby development including Rails and Sinatra, and I embrace and utilize functional programing languages like Scala and Elixir. I also enjoy technology team management, elements of product development and technology strategy. Here is a list of principles that guide how I approach software:

Here are other emerging engineering topics and technologies that I am specialize in or have an active interest in: GraphQL, Elixir/Pheonix, React, HTTP 2.0, JSON Schema, Open API